Mind and Body

Think about the mind and body
Mind and body

And “mind”, “body” has close links.
To rejoice and fun mind body also, but it will also be happy mind and body rejoice.
Or that the mind and body rejoice is, Will there is a what?
Eat thing, drink thing, moderate exercise, adequate rest, around the environment, people to interact,
Positive thinking, feelings, I think you are in a different thing.

Difficult thing, rather than serious thing, simple things you can do with individuals.
What you want to try to incorporate into a little bit just to live.
I tried to think of just such a small thing.

Mind and body

It is that everyone wants and want to keep the mind and body to a healthy state.

I earlier, a variety of health magazine, is a look at the health TV program had been introduced anything and everything.
Also eat, drink something, went more and more supplements will be asked, “What to work is this?”
… Also, because I have to say that good but such not remember. It was a plight that.
Be incorporated a variety of health information, this is good and is really healthy, but it is not so think.

I thought trying to think properly something, that it what you need for yourself. So, all of
Remove the information, I tried to think about what you think from there also really good.

Health is each person. It does not necessarily apply to all of the people.
“I disease is a lot, healthy one,” it is often said. But health is not a one,
I think that it is only the number of people.
Try a variety of methods, incorporating the health law to suit their own, the mind and the body is pleased lives
I think I want to send.

Thinking of my own, that I think, I summarized here.
I think that if in even a little, someone of reference.

That the mind and body is rejoice, but it is an element that does not taste also essential.
To find a hobby that was in their daily lives will be even more fun.
Will there are people who have a variety of hobbies, but also to introduce my hobby here.

Are discussed here, “health”, “thinking”, “food”, “environment”, “hobby” related to the site to each “Links”
In are introduced. There are a lot of fun site that will be the reference. Please, visit by all means.

Living ~TOP that mind and body are pleased
To energize mind and body in good “food” mind and body “health” mind and body “thinking”
– Overeating of mind
· Mind stance against food additives
Organic is good for the body?
Lot let’s eat a dietary fiber
Bad for the heart-eat meat?

· Disease from stress
– Biting become healthy in
· Laughter stress repel
Trying to get rid of, active oxygen
– Care of the treatment experiences

· Words change the mind
– Happiness can make yourself
Consciousness and unconsciousness
Stone heart
– Trying to meditation

To comfort the mind and body “environment” mind and body to enjoy “hobby”
– To put the charcoal
Minus ion is good for the body?

– Enjoy the walking
– Let’s go to Road Station

Opinions, please let us know your thoughts

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